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5 Reasons Why Clear Braces Are Right For You

More adults and children are getting clear braces as a trend to fix teeth increases in Australia. Gone are the days when teenagers used to dread if they were told to wear braces. But today it seems parents are struggling to hold their children back from the orthodontist’s chair and surprisingly adults are joining in […]

What is the Quickest and Safest Teeth Whitening Treatment?

In an ideal world, we would simply accept the colour of our teeth and get on with our lives. Professional dentists know that healthy teeth come in different shades. But you will not hear them saying that aloud. The reason is our culture. We are all obsessed with getting our teeth whiter because white is […]

Gap Free Dentist Check Up & Clean Brisbane

Gap Free Dentist Check Up & Clean At the Tooth Booth Dental Lounge we offer Dentist Checkup & Clean including X-rays ( inclusive of OPG Xray) for just $149 for Adults, $85 for Children ( 12yr and under) or No Gap Payment* ( no out of pocket expense if you have private health insurance). The Tooth […]

Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are something most people have to deal with at some point. There are people searching online right now for information on recognizing a problem with their wisdom teeth. Maybe they’re already experiencing symptoms and trying to identify the problem. If you create a blog post that explains the symptoms that occur from impacted […]