Tooth Booth Dental Member Program

Join our  Tooth Booth Dental Member Program and you’ll receive access to free dental services, plus additional discounts and savings on all dental services and treatments.

The Tooth Booth Dentists  Membership Program is a helpful solution for those who do not currently have Private Insurance with dental benefits or feel that their current benefits are insufficient. Our Membership Program provides an affordable, hassle-free way for you to receive the dental care you need. Dental treatment costs can add up, especially if you miss your periodic dental check-ups, which is why our membership plans includes 2 free dental Check-ups & Cleans per year/per member (and any associated X-rays your may require). We want you to take care of your teeth in order to achieve a healthy and long-lasting smile, and we believe that our Membership Program can help facilitate a lifetime of consistent dental care.

Our Tooth Booth memberships are not affiliated with any other group, company or private medical insurance company. Tooth Booth Memberships can be used at any of our Tooth Booth Dentists Locations.

Tooth Booth Membership

Key features of the Tooth Booth Dentist Membership Program include:

For a one-off initial joining fee of $12 and a low weekly membership fee of  $7 per week (adult membership) or $4 per week (child^ membership)

(based on minimum 12-month membership)

(^child 12yrs and under)

You will receive ( per member):

  • 2 FREE Dental Check-ups & Cleans, and any X-Rays your may require per year (appointments made 6 months apart)
  • Savings of UP TO 20% on all of our fixed price dental services from general dental services to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics
  • Access to our special offers and promotional discounts throughout the year   Click Here to See Current Offers
  • No annual maximum limits
  • No waiting periods

(*one -off initial joining fee of $49 applies)

(**minimum 12-month membership)

 TreatmentNon-Member Price Adult Membership
2 x Examinations$10052 weekly payments of $7.00
2 x Scale and Cleans$230
2 x Fluoride Treatments$80
2 x X-rays$80
1 x OPG X-ray$121
2 x Intra-oral Images$82
Total Cost.$693 (per adult)You Pay Only $364 (per adult)

Example of our Members Discounted Dental Fees

Dental ServiceMember PriceStandard Fee Price 
One Surface – Anterior$127.00$180.00
One Surface – Posterior$136.00$200.00
Two Surfaces – Posterior$153.00$220.00
Two Surfaces – Anterior$153.00$210.00
EXTRACTIONS (Excluding Wisdom Teeth)
Single Tooth$154.00-$408$210-$504
All four Wisdom Teeth$1100.00$1500.00*
Front 6 Teeth$1770.00$3780.00
VENEERS – Porcelain
  • *Root Canal Fee’s may vary depending on how many canals in tooth, how many radiographs are required and how large the final restoration is.
  • *Wisdom Teeth extraction fees vary, as it depends on difficulty of removing teeth. Lower wisdom teeth can be referred to an Oral Surgeon depending on relation to lower facial nerve