Patient Information

Patient Information

From interest fee payment options, health funds and convenient locations, we prioritise making your visit stress-free and convenient.The Tooth Booth Dentists accepts payment via EFTPOS and all credit cards. If you’re privately insured remember to bring your health fund card, and with our HICAPS facility we can provide on the spot rebates for most Health Funds which enables lodgement on the day and patient need only pay the gap fee, a great convenience!

Seniors & Pensioner Discount

If you have a current Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card, or you’re a tertiary student, we’re proud to offer you a special 15% discount on all General Dental care and 10% discount on Dental Treatment that requires Laboratory work ( dentures, crowns, bridge, veneers, etc)  at the Tooth Booth Dentists.


*Offer available to current part- or full-time students at any Australian tertiary education school or institution. Students may be asked to show a current student ID card.

*You may be asked to show your Pensioner Concession card or Health Care card. To be eligible for the special discount, your card    must be current.

*Offer cannot be used together with any other in-house specials, offers or discounts.
*Details of this offer including price and availability may be subject to change from time to time.

Health Funds

We are preferred providers for the some major health funds, and we guarantee the lowest out of pocket payment (gap payment) for all health funds, helping more of our patients access to treatments they need with less out of pocket expenses. To see which category your health fund may fall under, call your closest Tooth Booth and we will let you know.

Simple No Interest Payment Plans

We offer Afterpay, Zipmoney and Denticare dental and orthodontic payment plans. Unlike some other payment plan solutions, we don’t charge you any interest on your treatment. That means you can spread the cost of your treatment over time – no fuss. Speak to our friendly staff and Dentists about our payment plans options.

Our dental payment plans can be used for a wide range of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic treatments. You can use a payment plan for teeth whitening, dental implants, crowns and veneers and most other dental procedures.You can also use a payment plan to cover the cost of Invisalign and Clear Correct clear braces.


How It Works

1. Our Dentists will present you with a treatment plan.
2. Together with our friendly staff, decide on the payment plan details including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments.
3. Complete the simple, one-page direct debit form. There’s no need for credit checks or detailed financial information.
4. You can begin your treatment straight away and your payments begin. Simple. No hassle, no fuss

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme entitles eligible children aged 0 to 17 years up to $1,095 of basic dental treatment over a 2-year period. We bulk bill Medicare for these services so that there is no out-of-pocket expense to those families.

Community Health Dental Vouchers

Some community health centers give vouchers to be used at private clinics if for some reason the community dental clinic cannot be of service.
These vouchers are valid for 6 months from the time of issue and only covers certain procedures.

Department of Veteran Affairs

If you have a Repatriation Health Card – For All Conditions (Gold Card) the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will pay for most dental services necessary to meet a clinical need, if they are provided under DVA arrangements.
If you have a White Card and do not have a war-caused disability that relates to teeth, gums or jaw you may be still eligible for dental treatment if the dental treatment is required to treat a condition which is a consequence of your war-caused disability or malignant cancer (neoplasia). This treatment will require prior approval before it is commenced.

Dental Anxiety

Are you nervous about your next dental appointment?

Treating anxious patients is an important part of our Clinic. At The Tooth Booth we understand that dental treatment can be daunting and because of this we offer a number of methods to help you relax.

We have a number of options available to ensure that your dental experience is comfortable and that you are feeling relaxed. With the help of Penthrox TM, silent electric drills, Dental-vibe painfree injection system relaxation music, refreshments and gentle treatment by our friendly experienced team, we can help to make your next dental experience more pleasant.

Penthrox TM

Penthrox TM is a combination of an inhaler device and a pharmaceutical agent.When used as directed, Penthrox TM is safe, effective and rapid acting. Penthrox TM will provide you strong pain relief whilst having your Dental treatment as well as putting you at ease. Sometimes suitable for the anxious patient. You are in total control of the level of relief, simply inhale through the Penthrox TM inhaler. Speak to our friendly team to see you if you are a suitable candidate for the Penthrox TM inhaler.*

*Penthrox TM should not be used under certain conditions. Tell your Dental professional if you have:
Allergies to methoxyflurane (the active ingredient), other inhalation anaesthetics, or one the inactive ingredients in Penthrox;
History or family history of an allergic reaction to an anaesthetic medicine. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include shortness of breath, swelling and rash;
Kidney disorder: Penthrox impairs kidney function and is dangerous for people with existing kidney disorders;
Heart problems;
Problems breathing;
Head injury;
History or family history of malignant hyperthermia. This includes symptoms of a very high fever, shortness of breath, fast irregular heartbeat and muscle spasms following the intake of medication.

Appointment Guidelines

In order to keep an efficient schedule, and to assure that our patients are not subject to long delays in the waiting room prior to seeing our Dentists, we pre-reserve all our appointment times. When an appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice it leaves a hole in the schedule and it is often not enough time to allow another patient to rearrange their schedule in order to fill the opening. In order to keep the scheduling efficient and convenient for everyone we have the following appointment guidelines:

We text or email all patients 4 days prior to their appointment to confirm this appointment . All unconfirmed appointments are not guaranteed to be reserved, and may be given to another patient and/or rescheduled.

We are aware that emergencies and unexpected events arise for everyone, and we will be understanding and respectful of such instances. However, to reduce last minute changes in the schedule, we ask that you to contact your Tooth Booth Dental Lounge and speak with our Reception Staff , a minimum of 48 hours prior to your reserved time if your appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.
The following Late Cancellations and FTA ( failed to attend) protocols apply:
1. A patient who FTA’s is defined by a patient who books an appointment and does not show up, and someone who does not give Tooth Booth Dental Lounge the courtesy of a call to say they will not be attending their appointment.

1.1 Patients who FTA will be required to pay a deposit of $50 to secure an appointment on any day. This deposit will come off the cost of the patient’s appointment. If the patient does not attend their appointment they will forfeit their deposit.

2. A patient who cancels short notice is defined by a patient who cancels within 24hrs of their appointment time.

2.2 If a patient has cancelled short notice twice they will be required to pay a deposit of $50 to secure an appointment on any day. This deposit will come off the cost of the patient’s appointment. If the patient does not attend their appointment they will forfeit their deposit.


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