Teeth Whitening Chermside-Carindale-Indooroopilly

Tooth Booth Teeth Whitening Brisbane

At the Tooth Booth Dental Lounges, we offer 2 different types of teeth whitening .

For only $149 for a 60 min session, our Whitening Lounge gives great results and we use the highest strength dental grade whitening gels (44% CP)
This is a great treatment for upcoming social occasions. Come in and experience our Whitening Lounge, we have special designed Pod chairs for your comfort. We will determine your initial shade before the treatment starts. Relax, and listening to music through our headphones in our designer Pod chairs, the complete treatment will take about 60 minutes and you will walk out with your teeth being between 5-7 shades lighter. The Tooth Booth is a Professional Dental Clinic with highly qualified Dentists and Hygienists, this allows us to offer our customers the highest strength and quality Teeth Whitening treatments, for the best results.

ZOOM! WHITENING -$699 INCLUSIVE of Check-Up, Clean And X-Rays
Philips ZOOM! Whitening is a 1 hour fast and effective procedure carried out in the dental chair by dentists, because of the strength of Zoom whitening gel we include a Check Up, Clean and X-rays into the price of this treatment. If you have Private dental health insurance the Check Up, Clean and X-rays portion of cost ($149) will be Gap Free.If you have had a recent Check Up and Clean with one of our Tooth Booth Dentists (within 6 months) our Dentist may decide that you do not require another and $149 will be subtracted from the $699 price, you will then only pay $551.