Wisdom Teeth Removal Brisbane

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are an inevitable part of transitioning from your teenage years into adulthood. For some, the emergence of wisdom teeth can be straightforward, especially if dental work earlier in life has accommodated for their growth. However, problems with wisdom teeth are common and often need dental intervention to accommodate their growth or removal.

Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Removing wisdom teeth is often the best solution in many cases. As the teeth are situated at the back of the mouth, their removal is not noticeable, and they are not necessary for eating or chewing. There are several reasons people may choose to have their wisdom teeth removed, such as:

Impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth become impacted when there is not enough space for the molar to grow in properly. When they start to erupt, they are prevented from moving above the gum line, which can cause inflammation and pain. A procedure is required to remove the tooth from below the gum.

Preventive treatment

There may be nothing wrong with your wisdom teeth, but as they are difficult to clean, they are more prone to a build-up of plaque and food can easily get stuck between them. Some people may elect to have a wisdom tooth removed to prevent future problems, as once the tooth becomes decayed, it can require a more complex procedure to be taken out.


If the tooth becomes decayed, removal can be the best way to remedy the problem. Unlike other teeth, wisdom teeth are not essential to the aesthetics of your smile or everyday functionality such as chewing. Removal may require a surgical procedure if the tooth is not strong enough to be pulled.

Some people may never develop wisdom teeth, while others may develop one or two or all four. Regular check-ups with your dentist are the best way to manage the development of your wisdom teeth. At the Tooth Booth Dentists, we can take x-rays to see the alignment of your wisdom teeth and how they are positioned before they erupt. We can then plan and take action to prevent the teeth from becoming impacted. Even if your teeth develop cleanly, our dentists consult with you to ensure the ongoing hygiene and maintenance, advising you if removal is recommended.

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