Lack of physical access to dental care is often cited as the primary reason young children fail to see paediatric dentists. There is some truth to this urban legend.

It’s Not Only About Access

In 2016, the Victorian Department of Health and Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) conducted a survey to find the top reasons children don’t see paediatric dentists. In the survey, parents cited transport difficulties and the distance between their home and the clinic among the top 14 reasons they don’t visit a dentist. But that’s not all there is to the story. Real life is more complicated than one-line slogans will have us believe.


“Transport difficulties” aren’t even among the top 10 reasons children don’t see paediatric dentists. And distance between the clinic and the home is way down at number seven. Something else is preventing parents to take their children to a dentist.

Top Reasons Australian Children Don’t See Paediatric Dentists

Surprisingly for a country that is the world’s 13th richest (IMF and the United Nations) and boasts of a GDP per capita of more than $51,000, cost is holding back a lot of parents from taking their littles ones to the paediatric dentist. Even people who are living in the heart of Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, or other big Australian cities do not or cannot take their children to the dentist because the prices are simply prohibitive.


Other reasons many Australian children aren’t getting the childcare they should are:

From Dental Health Services, Victoria

From Dental Health Services, Victoria

What Can Parents Do?

Here are some suggestions on what you, as a parent, can do if your child isn’t seeing a dentist. We are covering the top three reasons from the survey.

If Cost is an Issue

Your child’s teeth are more precious than the world’s most expensive diamonds. Do not let money come in the way of their well-being.


If liquidity is an issue, you can rely on your health fund. Each of our clinics in Brisbane works with the major health funds. We are one of the few paediatric dentists who can proudly say: “No matter which health fund you belong to, you are welcome at The Tooth Booth Dental Lounge.”

We accept most health funds.

We accept most health funds.

We also offer flexible payment options if you don’t have access to a health fund and aren’t eligible for public dental. Call us or visit us at our clinic. We will try our best to find a way to treat your children without stressing your finances.

If You Don’t Have Enough Time

Now that is tough if you have a non-conventional job that needs you to be present in office at odd hours. We are open from 08:00 a.m. through 06:00 p.m. and we have clinics in Carindale, Indooroopilly, and Chermside. We can be flexible if your child is in urgent need of dental care. So don’t hesitate. Call us and let’s schedule an appointment that’s suitable to you and us. You can contact us through this page.

If You Think Your Child Doesn’t Need to See Us

Hey! We don’t look that bad. We promise we will not scare your child. We have the professional expertise to look after your child’s dental health. You can have a look at our diplomas and even verify our credentials with the Australian Dental Association.


Professional dental care is crucial for your child’s oral health. The American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends seeing “a paediatric dentist when the first tooth appears.” Anyone who says otherwise is probably not up-to-date with the latest research, or repeating an urban myth.


Your child needs dental care.


Cost and a lack of time and awareness about the importance of dental care are preventing Australian children from seeing paediatric dentist. Don’t let any of these issues come in the way of your child’s oral health.